Concrete Pavers

Peacock Pavers offers a variety of handcrafted concrete pavers for many different design applications — from new constructions to remodels, from interior flooring to exterior landscaping, and much more.


Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen floor, installing a swimming pool in the backyard, or repaving your driveway, our handcrafted, architectural-grade concrete pavers give the exquisite look of Old World elegance and luxury you’re looking for at a surprisingly affordable cost.


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Are you building a new home or adding on a room or patio? With concrete pavers by Peacock Pavers, you can add the timeless, “Old World” appearance of elegant natural stone pavers at a significantly more affordable price point. Our 1″ and 1 ¾” thick pavers are ideal for all kinds of interior and exterior new construction projects — from fireplace facings to interior flooring with grout, and so much more. Learn more about using our concrete pavers for new construction projects.


Whether you need paving for remodeling a single room or your entire home, our handcrafted concrete pavers provide timeless elegance in a variety of design options. Specially designed for indoor use, our remodeling pavers are 5/8″ thick and made of architectural-grade concrete. Each paver is handcrafted by skilled artisans using a special proprietary process to give your remodel the look and feel of ancient stone without the exorbitant cost. Learn more about using concrete pavers during a remodel.


Peacock Pavers open up a world of landscaping possibilities unmatched by other outdoor paving stone materials. Architectural-grade concrete patio pavers are ideal for use in any type of hardscape or outdoor living space, including swimming pool decks, stepping stone walkways, dining patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, garden edging, water features, retaining walls, and terraces. Learn more about using our handcrafted concrete landscape pavers in your outdoor space.


Our handcrafted interlocking concrete pavers replicate the natural look of Old World cobblestone to add elegance to your home’s curb appeal with remarkable durability. Unlike driveways made from poured concrete slab, Peacock Pavers’s interlocking pavers for driveways are durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to cracks and damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles. Learn more about our concrete “cobble”-style paver driveways.

Concrete Paver Colors

As beautiful as natural stone!
  • buff
  • Dolphin Gray
  • champagne
  • Slate
  • Oyster
  • Keystone Grey

Please note that texture and color variations are natural characteristics of our handcrafted pavers. Single samples are REPRESENTATIVE of the color and texture but do not assure IDENTICAL hue or texture in all pavers.

Due to variations in individual computer monitors, colors seen on this site may not accurately reflect Peacock Paver colors. To confirm your color choice, please order our sample kit.

Custom colors are available. (Minimum order of 7000 SF)

To order, please call 800.264.2072.

Reasons to Choose Concrete Pavers

1. Concrete Pavers Are Affordable

Our handcrafted concrete pavers accurately replicate the ancient texture and beauty of Old World stone, but at a fraction of the cost of natural stone, creating the look of luxury without the larger price tag. The results are stunningly realistic, enabling you to enjoy the beautiful look of natural stone at a much more beautiful price, and no one but you will be any the wiser

2. Concrete Pavers Are Incredibly Versatile

Because our products are made from concrete, Peacock Pavers provide far more design versatility than natural stone, and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in buff, dolphin grey, champagne, rice white, keystone grey, oyster, slate, and custom colors, they can be installed in regular or random patterns and in custom geometric patterns. They also come in a variety of sizes, opening the door for even more exciting design possibilities. You’re limited only by your own sense of creativity.

3. Our Concrete Pavers are Handcrafted

Each Peacock Paver is handcrafted by a skilled artisan. In addition, a special rendering process infuses each paver with subtleties of texture and color that evoke the look of ancient crosscut stone. This means that, just as with natural stone, each piece has its own unique characteristics of hue and texture and varies slightly from the others in the same color group.

4. Concrete Pavers are Eco-Friendly
While Peacock Pavers are as beautiful as natural stone, they are also more friendly to the environment. The process of quarrying stone consumes excessive amounts of oil, as does shipping the stone from places halfway around the world. Peacock Pavers, on the other hand, require considerably less energy to produce and transport. They are also made from concrete, a recyclable material that contains no petroleum. As a result, our pavers qualify for certification under many LEED projects, making Peacock Pavers the perfect choice for building green.

5. Concrete Pavers Come in a Variety of Colors

Peacock Pavers offers 7 paver colors:

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