How to blend classic beauty with modern colors

Blend the look of Old World cross-cut travertine with today’s hottest color, white, by using our Rice White pavers. Made of durable, architectural-grade concrete, these pavers lend stone-like beauty and texture to floors, fireplace facings, terraces, water features, pool decking and more—yet they are more versatile than natural stone. Ease of care and water resistance makes them ideal for all rooms of the house, including the kitchen and bath. Our pavers come in 10 sizes up to 35 ½” x 35 1/2” and in four standard colors. Peacock Pavers can even blend custom colors (minimum order 7000 sf). Start your own trend with a dynamic custom color!

Include the Old World elegance of handcrafted pavers in your next design project. Contact us for a quote today.