Brick vs. Concrete Pavers

Brick vs concrete pavers

Whether you’re designing a driveway, patio, courtyard, or walkway, it’s important that the right materials are chosen for the job. Peacock Pavers make this decision an easy one by designing and manufacturing concrete pavers for both interior and exterior applications.

A paver is a flat, thin slab of either brick, natural stone, or concrete. Pavers are used traditionally for outdoor areas, although there are many options for indoor use as well.

Sometimes we are asked: “Which is better? Brick or concrete pavers?”

The first thing to acknowledge is that both brick and concrete pavers have their own strengths. However, we have generally found that concrete pavers are usually the best option for most applications. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at each option so that making your decision is a breeze.

Comparing Brick Pavers and Concrete Pavers

Between brick and concrete, each material has its own attributes that make it useful, with brick being the more traditional option.

1. Composition and Installation

Brick pavers are made from natural clay. To make them, they must be shaped and then fired at high temperatures in a kiln. The fundamental process of making bricks hasn’t changed much since they were first produced, and installing brick can be a labor-intensive job.

Concrete pavers like the ones we make at Peacock Pavers are made from architectural grade concrete that is poured into the desired mold and compressed, before being air-dried. As concrete pavers are manufactured in uniform sizes, installing them is much easier, although it does still need to be done by a professional.

2. Aesthetics

Brick is certainly a classic. The natural color from the clay ensures that you always get a lovely muted tone that is both classically beautiful and fits in well in an outdoor space. Unfortunately, the color options can be limited, as you can only make bricks from natural clay. While there are a variety of clay types throughout the world, the difficulties of importing mean that color options are usually restricted to what’s locally available.

Concrete pavers can be dyed in a wide variety of colors, as they aren’t restricted by the use of clay. This means you can get colors that mimic the look of natural stone. Concrete is also great because of the variety of shapes and sizes that can be made. For example, at Peacock Pavers, we offer not only rectangular and square pavers, but also hexagon, picket, and chevron paver shapes.

3. Durability

Brick can last for generations, but it is prone to cracks and chips. While this might add to the charm of a 100-year-old garden path, it’s not what you want when it’s newly laid. The weather can also cause damage, with freeze/thaw cycles being particularly harmful.

Concrete pavers, on the other hand, are exceptionally durable. Because we make our pavers from architectural grade concrete, they are resistant to cracking caused by freeze/thaw cycles.

4. Maintenance

Brick doesn’t need a lot of care to maintain. You can clean it every year if you wish but it will generally stay in good condition. It should, however, be sealed regularly to keep it as new as can be. This will help to prevent cracks from forming.

Concrete pavers also need some care and attention to keep them looking their best. Care requirements will vary depending on whether the pavers are used indoors or outdoors, but generally, they should be cleaned every 1-2 years and sealed every five years to prevent wearing.

5. Cost

Brick is expensive because it is costly to manufacture, however many people feel that the cost is worth it. Labor costs for installing brick can also be high because masonry is a time-intensive trade that requires a fair amount of skill.

Concrete pavers are much more affordable when compared to both brick and natural stone, without compromising on quality. They are more cost-effective to make than bricks, but can still provide an earthy, natural look that many people look for in brick.

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