Concrete Paver Driveway Design Guide

Peacock Pavers Driveway

Concrete paver driveways are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners, driveway contractors, and landscape designers looking for an elegant alternative to asphalt or concrete slab driveways.

Concrete driveway pavers come in a wider range of colors, sizes, and shapes, giving you a much broader design palette from which to choose. Meanwhile, other paving materials offer limitations on design and appearance options. Even with varying layouts and patterns, a brick driveway looks like a brick driveway. A cobblestone driveway also has limits, and concrete slabs offer even less diversity.

You can utilize concrete driveway pavers to create the look of cobblestone or travertine, or you can create a truly unique look of your own. The choice is up to you!

Concrete Paver Design Tips

If there’s a drawback to concrete paver driveways, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the design possibilities. If you’re looking for inspiration, the following are a few design ideas to help you find a paver design that’s right for your driveway project.

Popular Driveway Paver Patterns

Concrete driveway pavers can be combined in many different patterns to create visual interest. That said, architects and landscape designers tend to be drawn to certain familiar paver patterns. Some of these more common driveway paver configurations include:

  • Running Bond Pattern — the use of identically sized, rectangular pavers placed side-by-side in staggered rows to give a subway tile effect.
  • Herringbone Pattern — placing rectangular pavers perpendicularly (at 90-degree angles from each other) can create the popular “fishbone” effect.
  • Herringbone with Band Pattern — a variation of Herringbone that incorporates a Running Bond-type border around the perimeter of the driveway.
  • Random Patterns — this is really a misnomer. “Random” patterns are actually more complex designs using various sizes and shapes of driveway pavers. The Mega-Random pattern is one of the most popular for driveways, but Basic Random and Majestic Random are equally eye-catching options. Click here to see and download visuals of these and other paver patterns.

Other Design Ideas for Paver Driveways

In addition to a variety of paver patterns, here are some other ideas for adding interest and uniqueness to your concrete paver driveway:

  • Use of 2-3 complementary colors. You might, for example, alternate grey and slate square pavers to create a checkerboard effect or use three complementary shades in a standard or alternative random pattern to add visual depth.
  • Creative use of turf or gravel. Some driveway contractors and architects like to create a grass or gravel “centerline” on longer driveways to create the “worn alley” effect — creating a luxurious-looking alternative to a gravel driveway.
  • Coordinate with other outdoor living spaces and hardscapes. For added curb appeal, you can coordinate the colors and patterns of your paver driveway to compliment walkways, terraces, patios, and other landscape designs.

Why Choose Peacock Pavers for Your Driveway?

Peacock Pavers concrete driveway pavers are a full three inches thick and designed for the hefty demands of a driveway. What makes these concrete pavers superior to other types of driveway pavers?

Uniquely Handcrafted to Emulate Natural Stone

At Peacock Pavers, our artisans utilize a generations-old process to handcraft each paver we make. The unique irregularities in each paver mean no two pavers are exactly alike. The effect so resembles that of natural stone that even the most trained eye sometimes can’t distinguish between our concrete pavers and natural paving stones.

Built to Last

Our driveway pavers are interlocking pavers designed to support heavy vehicles, withstand extreme conditions and endure years of freeze-and-thaw cycles.

Easy Installation

Many paver installations are highly labor-intensive. Natural stone pavers and brick pavers must be professionally installed by brick and stonemasons to ensure against unevenness and cracking, adding significantly to the overall installation cost. Our pavers are designed for easier installation so that installation costs can be significantly less.

Customization Options

In addition to a wide range of shapes and sizes, our driveway pavers come in six standard colors — and for larger projects of 7000 square feet or more, we can custom mix hues for an almost unlimited color palette. This gives you a broad selection of design choices.

Beautify Your Driveway with Peacock Pavers

We would love the opportunity to discuss how Peacock Pavers can give your driveway a unique look that will last for years to come. If you’re looking for a unique driveway that’s built to last, request a quote from us today.