Does New Flooring Add Value to a Home?

Rice White Kitchen Peak Tile

In most scenarios, updating anything worn, damaged, or old is generally a good idea. Replacing your old flooring with new options will boost your home’s value and make it more attractive to buyers in general, but the type of flooring you select will impact your final value. 

If you’re considering replacing your flooring to add value to your home, remember that new floors improve your living space and are also one of the first elements of a house that potential buyers will see. So, if you’re about to undergo a home remodel, what’s the best flooring to choose to add value to your home? 

Top Tips For Choosing New Flooring

Mud, water, grass, and just day-to-day wear and tear; floors bear a lot of damage in a home. It’s essential to ensure your floors receive the facelift they deserve whether you’re putting your house on the market or not selling and simply thinking long-term. And, you’ll want to ensure you employ seasoned professionals to install your new floors, as poor flooring work is a big red flag for buyers

When choosing your flooring, keep future-focused options (such as long-lasting floors with a timeless aesthetic) in mind. These tips will help guide you. 

Opt For Colors That Suit All Aesthetics

When investing in new flooring with the view to eventually selling, try to stick to a color palette that will appeal to all types of potential buyers. Any tone that pairs well with other colors is usually a good choice. Here are some suggestions: 

  • White and Sandy Tones: These work well in any room and easily complement dark and light furniture. Paler shades are subtle, adding a timeless elegance to a room without overwhelming it. 
  • Warm Grays and Slate: Darker flooring makes an impact and will modernize your space. Flooring in these shades will spruce up any room from the kitchen to the hallway and easily match most colors the new owners will introduce.

Another consideration when choosing colors is the upkeep; what will show the dirt, and what will be easier to clean? Potential buyers are looking for low maintenance and high aesthetics. 

Consider Your Flooring Materials

If you’re looking for affordable and attractive flooring that will appeal to potential buyers, then your choice of material is a top priority. 

Buyers often prefer low-maintenance floors, so steer clear of materials that can be easily damaged. Wooden flooring is currently popular, but wood is expensive and trickier to maintain. Consider, too, your home’s location. Wooden floors don’t respond well to humidity, so depending on your climate, you might encounter some damage during certain times of the year. 

Factoring in durability also rules out some wooden and vinyl flooring, which, while inexpensive, isn’t hardwearing. Linoleum floors are also budget-friendly but can be more susceptible to damage and require regular updating. 

If you want flooring that’ll help boost the value of your home, then finding the balance between durability and attractiveness is your first port of call. Vinyl and linoleum flooring won’t increase your home’s price tag, and while wooden flooring will, its high maintenance characteristics may put off potential buyers. 

Concrete pavers successfully walk the line of durability and aesthetics. They’re versatile in design as they’re crafted in several colors and shapes. This long-lasting flooring option will stand up to high traffic in any area of the home. And, as they’re crafted from architectural-grade concrete, they’re just as attractive but far more affordable than the quarried stone counterpart. 

Invest in New Flooring

Installing new flooring is an investment that pays off. You’ll be able to appreciate the enhanced aesthetics of your updated space, and potential buyers will be greeted by modern and elegant flooring as soon as they walk into your home. 

Contact Peacock Pavers for more information about our luxury handcrafted flooring and advice about professional installations. Our team members will guide you through the various colors, shapes, and design possibilities while helping you choose the right flooring for your needs.