Matching Your Flooring With Your Aesthetic

Custom Rice White Indoor Tiles

Staying true to a home’s aesthetic is essential when designing any space. But what does this mean? Essentially, it’s ensuring that all aspects of your project complement and work together to create the finished product. Whether this is most evident in a particular color scheme or achieving a specific look and feel, aligning the furniture, walls, flooring, and soft furnishings creates a sleek and refined look. 

What to Consider When Choosing Flooring to Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

When creating a stylish new space, it’s essential to ask yourself several questions. Your answers will help you understand your goals and ensure you stay on track toward your final vision. These four questions are helpful starting points: 

  1. What function does the room perform?
  2. What is the home’s architectural style? 
  3. What is the room’s color palette?
  4. What kind of lighting does the room have? 

The answers to these questions will help you narrow down the best flooring options for your space. Here’s why. 

Consider the Room’s Function

Is your new project in a high-traffic area of the house? Are you likely to find muddy paw prints running across your pavers, or is the space you’re designing in a quieter part of the home? To avoid the regular appearance of marks, you may want to choose warmer and darker tones for the busy hallway, mudroom, or family room. And, while soft, muted shades compliment most areas in the house, they especially stand out in more intimate rooms that are less likely to be interrupted by the chaos of life. 

What is the Project’s Architectural Style?

Pairing flooring with a building’s architectural leanings is essential for an elegant and finished look. Luxury concrete pavers are versatile. Thanks to their various shapes and colors, they lend themselves to all styles and tastes. Is the base of your project a bohemian, Arizona ranch-style building? Choose earthy or warm gray tones that blend well with the environment. Or, if you’re working in an elegant Southern villa, sleek white or champagne tiles will complement the building without overwhelming it.

What’s Your Color Palette?

Pairing the flooring with the walls is crucial to create a flow throughout the home. Consider what tones and patterns work well together. For example, if your room is relatively monochromatic – perhaps rich in white furnishings and white walls – then a two-toned patterned flooring such as a checkerboard would provide a good contrast. 

How’s Your Room’s Lighting?

The natural and artificial light in your room can impact your new space’s final impression. Whether you’re going for bright and airy or moody and intimate, choosing flooring that works with your lighting is a must. While you can’t change the room’s natural light, choose light fixtures that work well with both the colors on your floor and your ultimate goal. When it comes to lighting, choose warm, yellow tones for a soft, relaxed feel, ideal for winding down in a living room or bedroom. This style of lighting typically pairs well with most types of flooring but can be especially effective on equally warm tones (like Champagne or, at the other end of the color scale, Slate). 

In a functional gathering place like the kitchen, brighter lights are useful and aesthetically fit the environment. Balance any potential harshness caused by whiter lights with darker floors, or opt for a clean, modern look with white pavers. 

Aesthetic Pairing With Peacock Pavers

Hunting for inspiration? Look at how some of our clients match their luxury pavers with their various aesthetics; all have very different results, but all are refined and timeless. 

Rustic Ranch Style:

Desert Dream Home Arizona-Den to Pool

This Arizona home stays true to its artistic and bohemian feel, with warm tones offset perfectly by soft grays. 

A Modern Feel:

Modern white kitchen with Rice White concrete pavers

All the elements in this space contribute to a genuinely modern result. Sparkling white cabinets and finishings blend in with the luxury pavers. The absence of too much distinction between the flooring and furnishing creates a streamlined final effect. 

Welcoming and Homey:

Buff pavers in a beautifully decorated lounge area

The warm tones of this room create a sense of intimacy and coziness. The sandy tones in the Buff pavers are beautifully contrasted with the various darker and earthy present in the furniture.

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