Pairing 2024’s Color of the Year With Peacock Pavers

Myrtlewood Residence STEENHAUS Sunroom

Pantone has chosen “Peach Fuzz” as its 2024 color of the year. Peach Fuzz is a league away from its vibrant predecessor, Magenta, signifying the calmness and tranquility the paint company feels the world now needs. Pantone isn’t the only spokesperson for 2024’s colors, though. Paint company Dulux has chosen a similar palette; its color of the year is a gentle pale pink called “Sweet Embrace.” If you’re not into the muted pinky-peach tones, never fear; plenty of designers are finding their 2024 muse in blues, soft greens, and earthy and neutral tones.

So, if you’re about to do a design upgrade and want to incorporate this year’s chicest colors and Peacock Pavers’ luxury flooring into your project, we’re here to help. Find inspiration in these modern, stylish, and timeless design pairings. 

Soft Pink Palettes

Bring a sense of calm to your space with these cocoon-like colors. Whether you commit fully to 2024’s color of the year and give your walls a soft pink makeover or simply want to include a few accents throughout the room, this palette pairs easily with many other colors. 

Shades like Peach Fuzz stand out next to darker flooring for a dramatic overall feel. Slate concrete pavers are the picture-perfect counter to a lighter pink tone.

Side-by-side color swatches indicating the pairing of peach and slate.To further brighten a room, match dusky, pale pinks with muted flooring like Rice White concrete pavers. This color combination invites natural light and works well in a bathroom or dressing room. 

Alternatively, match your walls and flooring more closely by combining pale pinks with the warm, natural Champagne concrete paver; whether it evokes ideas of Marie Antoinette’s boudoir or an elegant Tuscan kitchen, the combination is timeless.

Color swatches indicating the pairing between pale pink and sandy tones

A calming, elegant combination of pale pink and light earth tones.

Natural Greens and Browns

Inspired by the natural world we should all more frequently head out to, green and brown tones are set to be popular. Designers are finding inspiration in olive green, soft, warm sandy tones, caramel browns, and gentle greens reminiscent of a forest floor. 

The green color palettes are comforting and relaxing, but depending on the shade, they maintain an edginess that’ll set your room apart. For a design rich in natural warmth that envelops you, pair your greens with the warm tones of the Buff concrete paver. Slate would work well here, too, for a genuinely moody color combination. Pair the Oyster Shell paver with lighter greens and warmer undertones for a refined finished product.

Peacock Pavers Buff paver color in a living area

A green statement fireplace and muted green accents complement the Buff pavers in this elegant, inviting lounge area.

Match the indulgent browns, caramels, and warm tones in 2024’s portfolio with Oyster, Champagne, Buff, or Dolphin Gray. Choose lighter earth and honey tones to complement Rice White flooring, and go for the softer, more neutral tones with the Slate color concrete paver. 

Calming and Vibrant Blues

While soft pinks may get the main headlines, blues of all hues are also getting some of the spotlight. Pale pastel tones create the bedrooms of your dreams, deep, well-rounded blues do well in living spaces and those with a sea-green leaning work as punchy accents in any room. 

Continue the sense of calm in a bedroom with pale sky blues and subtle Champagne or Dolphin gray pavers. Opt for Buff or Oyster Shell to accompany joyfully-colored cabinets or furniture in your kitchen. Dark Slate luxury concrete pavers pair well with the seriousness of deep, midnight blues, creating decadence in your lounge area. Blue suits every room of the house. Dolphin Gray paving will pair well with the blue of your pool, or you could create a bathroom escape with cool blue walls and Rice White floors.

Including 2024’s hottest colors of the year in your design project doesn’t need to be a chore or a long-term commitment. Simply use accents like soft furnishings, or pieces of furniture, paint individual walls, or even just the trim, baseboards, or moldings in your trendy color, and the luxury flooring will do the rest!

Peacock Pavers flooring in a lounge area

Combining blue-hued accents with Dolphin Gray concrete pavers gives this living area a subtle yet on-trend look.

Let Peacock Pavers Help With Your Next Design

Our luxury concrete pavers are available in various colors, shapes, and customization possibilities so you can find the perfect on-trend combination for your design projects in 2024. Contact us via our website or request a sample kit be delivered so you can get an accurate idea of your color schemes before choosing.