8 Interior Design Trends to Watch

Buff pavers in a white kitchen

Our homes are our sanctuaries, castles, and design canvases. So, check out these current interior design trends before you next call the experts for an on-trend home facelift.

1. Sustainable Flooring

Luckily, sustainability is maintaining its spot as the cool kid on the design block this year. Designers favor sustainable materials, and projects prioritize eco-friendly solutions from start to finish. 

You can join this trend by upcycling materials, repurposing old wood, or giving old-fashioned furniture a new lease of life. Minimize your carbon footprint further by checking the origins of your building materials or ensure that they’re sustainably manufactured. Peacock Paver’s concrete pavers are handcrafted using recyclable concrete. They are the more environmentally friendly option compared to quarried stone, as they require far less energy during manufacturing and transportation. 

2. Warm Paver Tones

Warmer hues are having a moment in interior design. Shades of sand and earthy, neutral tones add a gentle, warm touch to living spaces and outdoor areas. Warm tones are also easily paired with various wall and furnishing colors.

3. Textural Differences

Embrace different textures in your living areas. Gone are sleek, hard lines; we’re currently seeing a textural cacophony in interior spaces. Whether you achieve this with textured wall paint, boucle furniture, or silk wall hangings, we’re here for the creative freedom. 

We like to start our textural pairing from the floor up. Consider luxury concrete pavers that resemble antique, quarried stone paired with a hand-woven rug, a classic Persian carpet, or a shag rug, perfect for a cozy lounge. 

4. Artisanal Designs

We’re all seeking more authenticity in a world of mass production, which is probably why artisanal products and designs are on the current “Hot” list. Bespoke, handcrafted items are the ticket to a chic interior; anything from curtains to artwork or mantle-piece decor, as long as it has a bit of personality, it’ll perfect your look. 

Along with a bid for sustainability, look for handcrafted materials when designing a room. Custom handcrafted timber tables or countertops, hand-painted wall tiles, or handmade flooring pavers are just a few examples. 

5. No more open floor plans

Have you heard of broken-plan living? We wrote a blog about it. Broken-plan living exemplifies the move away from open and shared-purpose spaces at home. This trend sees interiors divided into purpose-specific zones or building projects prioritizing rooms over an open floor plan. 

Worried this trend might cost more than it’s worth? Check out our creative methods for achieving broken-plan living in your home. 

6. Checkerboard flooring 

Checkerboard flooring rose in popularity in 2023; we predict this trend will continue. Choose your classic dark and light combination, like Slate and Rice White pavers, or introduce a more muted color combination to your home. Riffing on this trend and pairing gentle, sandy shades with paler whites or bolder browns will achieve memorable and attractive flooring. 

7. Patterned Floors 

The checkerboard style might be a popular choice, but other types of patterned flooring are also enjoying more popularity. Paver shapes like Chevron and the Picket Hexagon (reminiscent of the white picket fence) provide detail to a room without overpowering it with bold colors. Expect to see these designs in smaller spaces like bathrooms and entryways or creating an impact in larger rooms like the kitchen. 

8. Natural Stone

Natural stone is timeless and elegant. However, for all its pluses, natural stone isn’t particularly sustainable – quarrying and processing stone requires vast energy resources – and it can be inaccessible when it comes to your budget. 

Instead, designers, homeowners, and contractors are turning to products like concrete pavers, which so closely resemble stone you can’t tell the difference. Individually handcrafted, each paver has its unique quirks, but their uniformity in shape provides versatility so a professional can install them in any room of your house. Concrete pavers are durable, easy to maintain, and affordable. 

Start Designing Your New Space

Are you feeling inspired? It’s never too early to start planning your next project. If you’d like to learn more about how luxury handcrafted concrete pavers can help elevate your interior designs, speak to one of our team members today.