Paver Patterns: Concrete Paver Layout Ideas

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When considering your design options for a paver project, it’s important to remember that the laying pattern you choose has a major impact on the overall look and feel of your indoor or outdoor space.

Trying to decide on the perfect paver pattern for your next interior or landscape design project?  As the leader in handcrafted concrete pavers that look just like natural stone, Peacock Pavers knows a thing or two about paver patterns and layouts. In this article, we walk through the most popular concrete paver laying patterns and offer up a few tips for bringing extra character and flair to your space.

Popular Concrete Paving Patterns

Below is just a small sampling of our most popular concrete paver patterns, but truly, the sky is the limit and we’re happy to work with you on identifying different patterns that work best for your indoor or outdoor living space.

Traditional Paver Patterns

You can’t go wrong with the classics! Here are three traditional paver laying patterns that never fail to catch the eye.

Running Bond Pattern

A running bond pattern involves laying your square or rectangular pavers in a linear, side-by-side pattern, but staggering every other row — similar to the classic subway tile look. Here is what a running bond pattern looks like both in an indoor living room and a backyard patio with a pool.

Stacked Bond Pattern

A stacked bond pattern is similar to a running bond, except that it is not staggered like subway tile. Stacked bonds are often arranged in a diagonal layout to add extra visual interest.

Peacock Pavers Stacked Bond Pattern

Herringbone Pattern

The herringbone pattern involves laying rectangular pavers or equal size in a zig-zag pattern.

In addition to running bonds, stacked bonds, and herringbone laying patterns, other traditional patterns used in traditional paver layouts include the basket weave pattern and the pinwheel pattern.

Random Paver Patterns

Many contemporary hardscapes and interior spaces opt for modular “random” paver patterns. Here are three of the most popular random patterns that Peacock Paver customers have used:

Basic Random Pattern

Alternative Random Pattern

Majestic Random PatternPeacock Pavers Majestic Pattern 2

Paver Layouts with Unconventional Shapes

While square and rectangular pavers are the norm for concrete pavers, we at Peacock Pavers offer several additional paver shapes that make a bold statement both indoors and outdoors.

Chevron Pavers

If you love the zig-zag look of a herringbone paver layout, then you should definitely look into our chevron pavers. Unlike the herringbone paver pattern, the chevron paver pattern involves pavers cut specifically to form an inverted “V” pattern when set against each other.

Picket Pavers

How gorgeous are those picket pavers? Named for their resemblance to picket fences, this paver shape is characterized by its long length and pointed joints that easily interlock with each other.

Hexagonal Pavers

The hexagon is technically a classic shape, but even so, they really bring something new and exciting to spaces when they are used in a paver layout.

How to Add Extra Flair to Paver Layouts and Patterns

1. Complete Your Look With Bands and Other Trim Pieces

Don’t forget the extras! Bands, edging, and trim pieces allow you to refine your space and seamlessly accommodate inserts like firepits, water features, and planters.

2. Using Different Colors

Another way to imbue your concrete paver layout with a little extra character is by using different colors.

For example, this paver patio’s diagonal stacked bond pattern alternates between Peacock Pavers’ “Slate” and “Dolphin Grey” colors to form a rustic “chessboard” paver layout:

Peacock Pavers Slate and Dolphin Grey colors to form a rustic chessboard paver layout

3. Getting Creative with Paver Joints

Once you’ve decided on your paver pattern, you may want to consider experimenting with how you space and fill your paver joints. This is especially popular for more modern-style layouts, like we see in this modern stepping stone paver patio that uses wide-margin joints and grass:

Peacock Paver Rice White

Get Handcrafted Concrete Pavers For Your Next Paver Design Project

Whether you’re looking for outdoor patio pavers or upscale interior pavers, Peacock Pavers offers low-maintenance and cost-effective concrete pavers that are all individually handcrafted in different sizes, colors, and shapes to suit the paver layout you have in mind. Learn more about using our architectural-grade concrete pavers in your next interior design or hardscaping project by requesting a quote, ordering a sample kit, or calling us today at 800.264.2072.