Statement Flooring in 2024

Dolphin Gray concrete pavers in an Arizona kitchen

Simple, subtle flooring is, apparently, very 2023. Modern flooring is bold, stylish, and versatile. It brings unique design elements to a space, catches the eye, and livens up a room. It’s statement flooring, and it has something to say. 

But what is statement flooring, and how can it be achieved in a new design project or renovation? We’ll take a look. 

What is Statement Flooring?

Statement floors are all about standing out from the masses. Forget the uniform colors and shapes of the past; 2024 means two (or three!)–toned floors and characterful patterns. Large-format flooring is also under the statement flooring umbrella. This design style lays large pavers across a big space, such as a living room or kitchen, to give the impression of it being even larger. 

So, whether you go all-out with different colors and bold patterns or prefer to err on the side of design caution and lay your patterns in muted tones, patterned statement flooring is a beautiful addition to your project.

Where do Statement Floors Work Best?

Patterned and statement floors can work in any room; however, you must consider how the other design elements of the space, such as its size, amount of natural light, and colors of the walls and furniture, will complement the floor. 

Elongated patterns work well in tighter spaces, making the room seem longer. Large patterns and pavers work well in most spaces, but it’s a good idea to remember that while you want to aim for eye-catching patterns, they shouldn’t overwhelm their surroundings. 

The colors of the floor also make an impact. Dark colors create a sense of intimacy in smaller spaces and emphasize the openness of larger rooms. Subtle color combinations such as white and Champagne work well throughout the house much like soft tones, such as warm grays, creams, and whites, which are universal and work well as interior and exterior flooring. 

Take a look at some of our projects for your 2024 flooring design inspiration.

Statement Floor Design Inspiration

Outdoor Patterned Pavers

Pool Paving Ideas and Inspiration

Keep the pavers around the pool in paler colors (light shades absorb less heat than darker ones), but elevate your pool decking with unique pattern combinations. 

Add Style to Smaller Spaces

Peacock Pavers Picket Pavers Bathroom

Although this washroom lacks size, it makes up for it in character thanks to its picket hexagon pavers. This shape’s elongated design helps add some depth to a tight space.

Patterned Passages

Peacock Pavers Buff Interior Hall

Make a Bold Entrance

Peacock Pavers checkerboard floor in a stairwell.

Start things with a bang right as you walk through the front door. Distinct color combinations make this fun checkerboard pattern a memorable entrance. The checkerboard pattern is arguably the most well-known and combines modern edginess with a classic, timeless feel. 

Statement Floors From Peacock Pavers

Our luxury handcrafted pavers are available in several colors or can be customized to suit your design palette. We offer pavers in four shapes: Square & Rectangle, Classic Hexagon, Picket Hexagon, and Chevron. 

Our concrete pavers are designed to suit both new projects and renovations. Once expertly installed and sealed, the pavers are easy to maintain. Avoid using harsh detergents on the floors; dust away dirt with a push broom for day-to-day cleaning. If you use any cleaning products, ensure they’re mild and non-acidic. 

To receive more information about the installation of luxury concrete flooring in your design project, contact Peacock Pavers and speak to a member of our team.