4 Design Ideas to Make Small Homes Feel Bigger

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Is bigger always better? Not if you ask the owners of small homes. That’s right; smaller homes are having a moment, and the downsizing real estate trend doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. But what are the benefits of a small home? And how can the materials you choose impact your living space? 

What are the Benefits of a Small Home?

In the complicated world of the modern era, we can list many varied benefits of small homes. Homeowners are looking to simplify their lives, moving towards a minimalism that requires less upkeep, cleaning, and clutter. Those looking to downsize want relief from the stresses of owning a larger property. 

As environmentally friendly housing options become the norm, smaller houses are the solution for people wanting to decrease their carbon (and property) footprint. Smaller spaces require less heating, electricity, and overall energy use; they’re ideal for eco-conscious homeowners.  

In a turbulent market, finding a home at an affordable price is more of a luxury than a norm. Small homes help new homeowners get on the property ladder and make more financial sense for those looking to curb their spending. 

How Can You Make a Small Space Feel Bigger?

Just because your home’s footprint is small doesn’t mean your space has to feel small. Making wise design decisions allows you to benefit from the coziness of a smaller nest-like space without feeling cramped. Consider these four design elements to help your small home feel a bit bigger:

1. Invest In Outside Spaces

If your property allows it, an outdoor space will allow you to expand your small home that much further. A covered porch provides an extra living space that can be used in the warmer months. Install an outdoor fireplace to make it cozy or some weatherproof blinds, so you can enjoy your porch when the weather misbehaves. 

Complete your porch with elegant concrete pavers that mimic real stone. Durable and weather resistant, the versatility of pavers over bricks and decking gives you the design freedom to match your porch to your home. 

Finally, French sliding doors leading onto your porch will further give the impression that the interior living space is larger and provide a seamless flow into the outside area. 

2. Add High Ceilings 

Now, we’re not saying your small home needs vaulted ceilings, but increasing the height of the rooms will add the impression of space. If you’re building your dream small home, consider making your ceilings a little higher; the room will feel bigger, and it can help increase airflow in the hot summer months. 

3. Choose the Right Colors

This one is all up to personal preference, but wall, floor, and ceiling colors can make a room feel smaller or bigger. Knowing which colors create the illusion of space is essential when decorating a small space. 

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Neutral colors are a hassle-free choice that brightens a room but don’t opt for brilliant white, which can make the space feel smaller. Surprisingly, darker colors also lend an air of space, but not all of them, so it’s best to do your research. 

4. Don’t Forget About Flooring 

Your choice of flooring impacts how big or small your room feels more than you might realize. For example, choosing floors that match your walls helps the room feel bigger as there are no breaks in color. However, patterned flooring paired with simple walls is a subtle but effective design statement. Wooden flooring is warm and cozy, but it can make a space feel small, whereas tiling can lack character and look too sanitized. 

Handcrafted concrete pavers are filled with character and look like antique quarried stone; you’ll feel like your small home has been around for centuries. Large concrete pavers in a small space give the impression of a larger room. As concrete pavers are available in various colors, matching the paver to the walls is easy and makes the room look effortlessly elegant. And a range of patterns allows you to design the floor that best suits you and your space. 

Concrete Pavers for Small Homes and Spaces 

Peacock Pavers’ concrete pavers are a luxury flooring choice that is both durable and affordable. Explore our various design options for both interior and exterior flooring. If you’re looking for the magic touch to complete your perfect home, contact one of our team members for a quote today.