Mudroom Inspiration for Fall: Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers in a mudroom

Fall has arrived, along with rain, fallen leaves, and mud. Lots of mud. Enter the mudroom, the must-have space for getting rid of those dirty shoes, shaking out the coats, and ensuring that the rest of the house doesn’t suffer from the autumnal elements. But a mudroom doesn’t have to be an uninspired space or a real estate necessity to avoid tracking mud through the house. 

Our luxury concrete pavers will act as the canvas for your next project, providing durable, easy-to-clean flooring that doesn’t compromise elegance and taste. We have ideas to inspire you to transform your mudroom into an attractive extension of the home. Let’s take a look. 

What are Mudrooms?

Mudrooms, typically, are dedicated spaces near your home’s entrance or back door. It’s a place to remove any shoes, coats, and other outside gear before entering the rest of the house. 

Mudrooms are also helpful storage areas to keep boots, umbrellas, and other wet weather gear. In some homes, mudrooms store sports equipment, backpacks, and more – it’s up to you! 

How to Style a Mudroom

The first thing to consider when creating or uplifting a mudroom is how it fits with the rest of your house. Do you want this area to be a distinctive space, or do you prefer it to blend in with your home’s aesthetic? 

Color your mudroom in muted tones and make it a calming transition space between the exterior and interior. Add accents to the area, such as scatter cushions, art, or indoor plants, to make it even more inviting. Extra cupboard space allows you to store sports equipment, boots, or coats without cluttering the room.

Concrete pavers in a mudroom

Alternatively, choose darker shades that complement an autumnal feel (and don’t show the dirt!). Darker grays and stone also give a modern, edgy look and pair well with bright pops of color. Provide individual cubby spaces for each family member so everyone’s gear is organized, and include somewhere to sit to make removing dirty shoes and wet coats easier.

Peacock Pavers Chevron Pavers Mudroom

Peacock Pavers Chevron Pavers Mudroom

So, once you’ve settled on a color scheme and individual design elements for your mudroom, the following essential feature to consider is your flooring. A mudroom’s purpose demands easy-to-clean and durable flooring; carpeting would not be suited to this space. Instead, consider concrete floor pavers that can match the room’s palette. 

Whether you’re building your mudroom from scratch or simply remodeling, concrete floor pavers provide long-lasting quality that can survive any amount of mud tracked in by kids or pets. 

Why Peacock Pavers’ Concrete Pavers?

A Natural Stone Look

Our concrete pavers are handcrafted using the finest architectural-grade materials. Peacock Pavers’ products are designed to closely resemble natural stone in their look, feel, color, and texture. As the pavers are made by hand, they each have their irregularities in appearance, much like hand-cut stone. 

With Peacock Pavers, you get timeless elegance that’s gentler on the budget; concrete pavers are less expensive than their stone counterparts, so you’ll get a natural stone look at an affordable price. 

Endless Design Possibilities

Concrete pavers allow you to play with a myriad of design opportunities. Choose a paver to match your mudroom’s aesthetic from our range of shades, or customize the color to get the perfect fit. Alternatively, make the mudroom flooring a showpiece and combine different shades to create a pattern. We craft pavers in the following colors: 

  • Dolphin Grey
  • Champagne
  • Oyster Shell
  • Rice White
  • Slate
  • Buff

Browse our paver shapes and patterns for inspiration to create eye-catching flooring, and view our size chart to find a paver that’ll best suit the floor space.

Environmentally Friendly

As more design and building projects work towards creating more environmentally-friendly spaces, including eco-friendly materials is essential. Our pavers are an excellent “green” alternative to stone as they are made from recycled concrete and require far less energy and fuel in their manufacturing process than quarried stone. 

Get Your Mudroom Ready This Fall

If you’re missing a mudroom in your home, or if yours needs an update, contact us for a quote. Our team will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. And if you’re undecided about your color scheme, order one of our paver sample kits to help you pick the perfect shade.