A Guide to Floor Sealant for Luxury Concrete Pavers

An urban Farmhouse kitchen with concrete paver flooring

Luxury concrete pavers are elegant and durable, making them ideal flooring for indoor and outdoor environments. This hard-wearing material will enhance a home for many years with proper installation and care. Floor sealants are crucial to this long lifespan, as using them on luxury concrete pavers is essential for protecting their longevity. 

The Benefits of Sealing Concrete Pavers

There are several benefits to using sealant on concrete pavers. These include:

  1. Protection: The sealant shields pavers from stains, oils, water, and chemicals that could leave marks. It also protects pavers against signs of wear due to weather conditions such as sun and frost.
  2. Durability: Applying a high-quality sealant extends the lifespan of the pavers by preventing cracking and spalling (when the concrete flakes and chips). 
  3. Appearance: Protect your pavers’ appearance by applying sealant that prevents discoloration.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: Sealants reduce the adhesion of dirt and grime on pavers, making them easier to clean. 

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Sealant

Your concrete pavers will be installed by a professional who will advise on the best sealant. Nevertheless, several factors must be considered when choosing a sealant, and it’s essential that your contractor provides you with the best solution. 

The environment impacts concrete pavers. Consider the climate and the exposure conditions your pavers will be subjected to. For outdoor pavers exposed to sunlight, use UV-resistant sealants, and ensure your chosen sealant protects your pavers during frost and thawing if you live in an area where this occurs.

Pavers in high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen or family room, must withstand wear and tear. Select a more durable sealant for these areas. 

Wherever your pavers are located, choosing a high-quality sealant is essential. Higher-grade sealers are more reliable than other versions, and their application helps preserve the integrity of the pavers. Peacock Pavers recommends using Enhance Architectural Products Water and Stain Repellant (EAP). These sealants have been created from a mix of bonding agents that repel water, staining liquids, and oil-based stains. The EAP sealers are available in regular and heavy-duty strength and will protect and maintain your pavers’ appearance without affecting their color. We can supply our customers with sealant alongside their pavers. 

When to Apply Sealant to Your Concrete Pavers

Your pavers should be sealed as they are installed for the best results and to ensure that your flooring is protected from the outset. While the Enhance Architectural Products are safe, we recommend ensuring enclosed spaces are well-ventilated during the sealant application and keeping the products away from children and pets. 

The drying time for the sealant varies according to the manufacturer, but you should avoid foot traffic in the area until the floor is fully sealed. 

Your concrete pavers will require re-application approximately every five years. 

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By selecting the best sealant and applying it correctly, you can preserve the beauty and longevity of your luxury concrete pavers, ensuring they remain a stunning feature of your outdoor space for years to come. 

Contact a Peacock Pavers team member for more information about luxury concrete pavers and their straightforward installation and care.