Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

A wooden exterior pavilion with Rice White concrete pavers.

Whether your outdoor space is expansive or you’re working with a smaller footprint, creating an attractive exterior with luxury concrete pavers can elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Concrete pavers’ versatility means they work well in various areas, such as around the pool, in a courtyard, or providing a design element to your lawn. 

The versatility of concrete pavers extends to design; available in several colors and shapes, no matter your home’s aesthetic, you’re likely to find a complementary pattern and paver. We’ll explore why concrete pavers are the best choice for outdoor spaces and provide inspiration to help you transform your home’s exterior. 

Five Design Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

1. Mediterranean Courtyard

  • Paver Style: Choose concrete pavers in warm, earthy tones.
  • Design Elements: Arrange the pavers in a herringbone or majestic random pattern for added texture and visual interest.
  • Complementary Features: Incorporate a central water feature, like a fountain, surrounded by lush greenery and terracotta pots with vibrant flowers. Add wrought iron furniture and string lights to complete the look.

2. Modern Minimalist Patio

  • Paver Style: Opt for large-format concrete pavers in neutral shades like Dolphin Gray or Buff.
  • Design Elements: Lay the pavers in a clean grid pattern with minimal spacing.
  • Complementary Features: Accent the space with sleek, minimalist furniture in monochromatic tones. Incorporate tall plants in linear planters, and consider adding a contemporary outdoor fire pit.

3. Rustic Garden Pathway

  • Paver Style: While all our pavers have a natural stone appearance, choose earthy tones, such as Buff or Oyster Shell.
  • Design Elements: Create a winding pathway through your garden, leaving spaces between pavers for grass or ground cover plants like moss to grow.
  • Complementary Features: Enhance the rustic charm with wooden benches, various flowering plants, and strategically placed garden lanterns for a whimsical touch.

 4. Elegant Poolside Area

  • Paver Style: Use light-colored concrete pavers such as Rice White.
  • Design Elements: Arrange the pavers around the pool in a running bond pattern for a seamless, elegant look.
  • Complementary Features: To create a resort-like ambiance, add luxurious lounge chairs with bright cushions, large umbrellas for shade, and potted palm trees. Consider an outdoor shower with matching pavers for added luxury.

5. An Urban Oasis

  • Paver Style: Choose contemporary pavers such as Slate, Rice White, or a combination.
  • Design Elements: Install the pavers in a hexagon or herringbone pattern.
  • Complementary Features: Create different zones with outdoor rugs, cozy seating areas with weather-resistant cushions, and vertical gardens or potted plants to add greenery. For an urban chic vibe, incorporate modern lighting fixtures like LED strips or solar-powered lights.

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Why Choose Concrete Pavers For Your Outdoor Space?

Concrete pavers are the ideal choice for outdoor spaces. They are durable, elegant in look and feel, and more affordable than traditional quarried stone. 

Concrete pavers are more affordable and eco-friendly than quarried stone. Our pavers are made from recyclable concrete and are LEED-certified. Peacock Paver’s manufacturing process also creates far fewer emissions than quarried stone, which requires additional transportation and labor. 

Concrete pavers are less likely to be damaged than wood, ceramic, or terracotta tiles. Whether damage is caused by water accumulation, heavy garden equipment, high volumes of foot traffic, or other reasons, it’s best to choose the most durable option for your outdoor space. 

Create Your Outdoor Oasis

Using luxury concrete floor pavers creatively, you can transform any outdoor space into a stunning and inviting area that reflects your style and enhances your outdoor living experience. Contact Peacock Pavers today for more information about your outdoor paving options.