Featured Project: Myrtlewood Residence

Myrtlewood Residence STEENHAUS Kitchen
Project: Myrtlewood Residence
Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Designer: Heather Steen | Steenhaus Architecture and Design
Architect: Scott Steen | Steenhaus Architecture and Design

How and where did you first discover Peacock Pavers?
That’s  a hard one.  I feel like we have known about them for quite some time with samples in other offices we have worked.  I would say around 10 years or so.

Have you used them in previous projects, inside and outside?
We have specified them before, but this is our first project that we have had them installed.

How did you propose them to the homeowner, what were your reasons for using them in this project?
The homeowner asked our thoughts on using them in his home and we jumped at the chance to build the project with them as our flooring.  We wanted this project to have a deep textural palette and the Peacock Pavers added a great foundation to achieve that goal.

What was your inspiration for the house design?
The homeowner wanted to use a “Chicago Style” brick as interior walls and we started there.  He was able to purchase a beautiful brick from a Downtown Montgomery building that had to be demolished as that material.  Most decisions were made with that in mind and how to balance and accent that brick.  As  you can see in the photos, we achieved a great harmony with the materials.

Did Peacock Pavers reflect a specific design feel for the house?
The Peacock Pavers provided the perfect tone for the home and we loved how it played off of the selected brick walls.  It allowed us to maintain the flooring throughout the home and not change materials when addressing all areas.  This allowed us to have continuity and no transitions in flooring throughout the first floor.

Did you consider natural stone?
Actually no.  We knew this was the right product for this application.

Was the cost of Peacock Pavers a consideration in choosing them?
Yes,  the client wanted this product and not a competitor.  But when we selected a color that was in a higher price bracket there was hesitation.  Ultimately, we went with the Oyster because it was the right color for the home.

Did you get samples?
Yes, we reviewed them all!

Did you use different sizes, and did you consider different patterns?
We wanted to have a random pattern with different sizing on the floor to break up all of the areas and not feel too Modern.

What colors did you consider and what influenced your color choice?
We always wanted Oyster but looked at other colors to manage cost.

Did you feel the pavers were an easy transition from inside to outside?
Yes, it allowed us to have a seamless transition from the front porch to the interior.

Was it easy working with Peacock Pavers getting samples, clear delivery times, etc.?
Yes, it made life easier to have the samples when we needed them, and the material came in when we were ready.

Do you feel the pavers met all your design objectives?
Yes, we achieved the look we were after with a great product

Do you feel the homeowners were excited about the floors?
Yes, They have been pleased with how it all turned out in the end and so are we!

Steenhaus Architecture and Design-Scott and Heather Steen

Steenhaus Architecture and Design
Scott & Heather Steen

  • The Peacock Pavers provided the perfect tone for the home and we loved how it played off of the selected brick walls.” – Heather Steen