Thoughtful Paving Design for High-End Multi-Family Developments

Concrete Paver design

The luxury housing market has shifted interest from massive single-family homes toward high-end multi-family developments in recent years. Between the increasing scarcity of existing homes and the rising land and materials costs, discerning Americans find that their dollars are better spent in luxury units with high-end finishes and abundant amenities.

Previously, the trend has been toward luxury high-rises in major cities catering to the popular upscale-urban lifestyle. While this trend shows no real sign of slowing, there has been growing interest in the suburbs more recently. Some buyers are trading in the high-rise lifestyle for an upscale country-style life in new, sprawling community villages replete with more-than creature comforts.

Within these new communities comes a greater demand for high-quality paving options. Let’s explore how high-end multi-family complexes are transforming the suburban landscape.

The Growing Appeal of High-End Country-Style Living

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused a drastic temporary slump in most economic sectors, it also caused a shift in priorities for many people. As the real estate market bounced back, we have seen a new migration from the cities to the suburbs and increased interest in luxury multi-family complexes in suburban areas. Again, several factors are driving this trend:

  • People wish to escape the densely populated areas to reduce their risk of COVID exposure.
  • In the aftermath of quarantines and lockdowns, buyers are looking for more open space and square footage than can be found in high-rise units.
  • With the rise of work-at-home options, fewer people feel the need to live close to the office (and some have abandoned the office buildings altogether in favor of home offices). There is less need to pay premium rates for smaller apartments to be close to work.

Although prices are on the rise everywhere, the cost per square foot is still less in the suburbs, allowing developers and buyers alike to get more “bang for their buck.”

As a result, developers are capitalizing on these changing demands by constructing new multi-family communities outside city limits – high-quality developments that offer their residents more spacious units, attractive surroundings, and amenities galore.

Common Features of Suburban High-End Multi-Family Developments

To attract their desired demographic, developers of country-style multi-family communities incorporate carefully-considered elements in their interior and exterior designs. Some of the more common features and amenities include:

  • Spacious, sprawling units or separate homes with high-end finishes
  • Enhanced security systems
  • “Smart-home” technologies
  • On-premises shops and restaurants (especially in multi-use complexes), or walkable access to nearby dining and shopping
  • Abundant community spaces (e.g., clubhouse, libraries, business centers)
  • Resort-like outdoor areas, including rooftop gardens, swimming pools, spacious paved pool decks, cabanas, pergolas, etc.
  • Lush green spaces for outdoor activities, such as parks, lakes, sports fields, walking paths, etc.

Peacock Pavers and the Rouzan Clubhouse

With the renewed interest in the high-end country lifestyle and a greater priority on creating safe yet pleasant outdoor spaces, discerning developers and interior designers are making a name for themselves in the luxury multi-family development space.

Peacock Pavers’ handcrafted pavers recently shone in a recent pool clubhouse update at Rouzan, an upscale multi-family development in Baton Rouge, LA. Occupying more than 100 acres of land in the desirable Southtowns neighborhood of Baton Rouge, Rouzan is a master-planned community that incorporates luxury residences with an attractive commercial village to create the ultimate in-town lifestyle experience. Among its many features is a massive clubhouse complex inspired by local historic architect A. Hayes Town. The clubhouse incorporates such amenities as a club room, playground, cafe, and an Olympic-sized pool with a sprawling deck.

Interior design firm, The Design Studio, was hired to reimagine the clubhouse pool area and outdoor amenity campus, and Peacock Pavers were specifically requested for use in their redesign. Collaborating with Reich Landscape Architects and Makaira, the team utilized Peacock Pavers to elevate the clubhouse’s traditional design with a fresh look.

Becky Walker, owner and principal designer for The Design Studio, explained that the rough matte materials and the “imperfections” of the handcrafted pavers made Peacock Pavers an excellent fit for the project. “In elevating the established design of Hayes Town, in conjunction with using raw construction materials similarly used in Town’s designs, our team agreed that Peacock Pavers were the perfect solution,” she said.

The pavers themselves served as the primary inspiration for the color schemes of their redesign. “Our exterior and interior color and furniture selections were selected to coordinate with Rice White-colored pavers,” Becky explained. “It was the foundation of our design and color scheme.”

Select Peacock Pavers for Your Next Multi-Family Development Project

With the rising demand for high-end multi-family solutions outside congested urban areas, the need for aesthetically pleasing outdoor and community spaces has never been greater. Peacock Pavers offers high-quality, handcrafted concrete pavers in a wide selection of size and color choices to create unique designs for patios, pool decks, pathways, fire pits, and other hardscape features.

Our pavers also easily replicate the look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost, making them much more cost-efficient for developers seeking to enhance larger spaces.

Contact Peacock Pavers today to order a sample kit for your next multi-family development project and bring handcrafted luxury to your next development with Peacock Paver’s unique products. Contact us for a quote today.