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Myrtlewood Residence STEENHAUS Kitchen

Luxury concrete pavers are an incredibly versatile flooring choice. They’re elegant and functional, providing hard-wearing flooring for both indoor and outdoor areas. The handcrafted pavers can be designed to fit any project through color, shape, pattern, and thickness, making them a far more flexible design option than, wood or quarried stone floors. 

Peacock Paver products are best showcased in our clients’ previous projects. From elegant, Southern dining areas to Bohemian-style living spaces in the Arizona desert, a look back at past projects demonstrates how easily concrete pavers align to the aesthetics of vastly different projects and how well this type of flooring suits various environments. 

Natural Stone in the Desert

Rice White pavers surround a pool at a desert home in ArizonaThe owners and designers of this Arizona oasis were looking for bold flooring, precisely one with a natural stone look. When they came across Peacock Pavers, they found a flooring option that looked like natural stone but had a more affordable price tag. 

Choosing to use pavers throughout the interior of the home, as well as the courtyard and around the swimming pool, the homeowners found convenience in using the same supplier and materials for all the floors in the project. 

In keeping with the rustic surroundings, the owners chose large Dolphin Grey pavers for their interior; the time-worn yet elegantly natural look the color brought to the space perfectly complemented the couple’s aesthetic. 

Practicality was an equal consideration to aesthetics for the area around the swimming pool. In the dry Arizona heat, decking around the pool tends to get so hot it’s impossible to walk on. The Rice White pavers, which the couple chose to lay in a diagonal pattern, proved to be the ideal solution. They retain very little heat, so they can be walked on barefoot, no matter how hot the day. 

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Timeless Outdoor Areas

Oyster Color Pool TilesThe owners of this residence were well-acquainted with Peacock Pavers’ products and had seen our flooring in many architecturally renowned buildings over the years. So, when it came to designing the flooring for their home’s outdoor areas, they felt they already had the perfect fit. 

“Timeless” and “elegance” are often used to describe Peacock Pavers’ flooring, and in this case, our well-known characteristics married perfectly with the couple’s home. Looking for affordable, durable paving that could be used throughout the courtyard, terraces, and pool area that was bright and attractive but not harsh, the owners settled on Oyster Shell pavers laid in a Standard Random pattern. 

The result was outdoor flooring that blended harmoniously with the house and garden, providing a practical and aesthetically pleasing result without overwhelming the space. 

A further plus for the couple when choosing Peacock Pavers was the sustainability of the flooring. Crafted from recycled materials, our concrete pavers have a much smaller carbon footprint than their quarried stone counterparts. The pavers are handmade by artisans in the South and don’t require much transportation, reducing their environmental impact. 

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Textural Harmony in Alabama

Oyster shell concrete pavers paired with "Chicago-style" brick wallsThe designers of this home in Montgomery, Alabama, knew from the start of the project that luxury concrete pavers were the best choice. The goal was to achieve a “deep textural palette” in the home, and the hand-crafted pavers provided the perfect flooring with their unique idiosyncrasies and stone look and feel. 

A central feature of the home was “Chicago-style brick” walls, so the floor needed to complement the aesthetic without being drowned out by the bolder bricks. The Oyster Shell color suited every room, so the designers could use the pavers throughout the home and create a sense of continuity. Using pavers throughout also allowed for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, further emphasizing a flow for the home. 

Ordering samples of all the paver options in advance helped the designers and owner make a comprehensive and educated decision about the floor’s color palette and pattern, and the timely delivery of the pavers ensured a smooth installation. 

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