The Best Flooring Options For the Southern States

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Environmental factors should always be considered when designing a home and a building’s location has a direct impact on its functionality. How does the environment impact architectural and design choices, and what’s the best flooring option for the warmer Southern states? We find out. 

How Does the Climate Impact a Home?

The day-to-day enjoyment of a home, as well as its functionality, is impacted by the climate and environment of an area. Factors like sunlight, humidity, elevation and temperature need to be considered when choosing materials.

Here are four environmental elements to consider in a home:

  1. Light: It is vital to consider the sunrise and sunset in a location. Will your home be flooded with morning light, or will you be dazzled by the stronger afternoon sun? The furnishings used in sunlit rooms can also differ from those in shadier areas of the house. Your favorite rug could bleach in the sun, or a piece of art can fade; arranging furniture with the sun in mind can save you a headache down the road. 
  2. Rain and Flooding: if you’re in an area prone to high rainfall or flooding, it’s essential to choose materials that are less likely to be damaged by water. Whether you’re simply tracking wet shoes through the house or if water seepage and flooding are an annual concern, consider how your walls, floors, and furnishings will withstand the damage. Steer clear of wooden floors, especially on ground floors. Wallpaper might not be the best bet in rooms where dampness is a concern, and if possible, keep electronics and lighting elements raised in rooms that risk flooding. 
  3. Heat: In warmer areas, maintaining airflow through the house lowers temperatures and reduces the risk of damaging your furnishings from heat and humidity. While air conditioning is one of the treasures of the modern world, using it around the clock shouldn’t always be the answer, and it certainly isn’t an environmentally friendly option. Avoid heavy furnishings, thick carpets, and dense curtains to help the breeze flow and make your rooms feel cooler. 
  4. Cold: A drop in temperature will mainly impact the home’s exterior features. Ensure the materials you use in the outdoor areas of the home can withstand freezing temperatures. Even the warmest areas of the country can experience extreme cold weather from time to time, so it’s best to be prepared. 

The Best Floors For the South

The southern states experience a wide range of weather. While deep snow storms aren’t as common as they are in the north, the states in the south do experience freezing temperatures, heavy rains, storms, and tornadoes. In summer, the sweltering heat has us reaching for the AC remote, while the humidity levels leave everything feeling damp. What is the best flooring option in an area with such a diverse climate?

Concrete pavers distinguish themselves from the pack as the most versatile and hard-working flooring option for the South. Crafted from recycled concrete, the sustainable pavers are durable and weather-resistant. This flooring works well both inside and outside and can withstand everything from freezing temperatures to muddy, rain-soaked shoes. 

Much like stone, the concrete stays cool during hot summers, and unlike many forms of wooden flooring, it isn’t impacted by humidity. Concrete pavers are the perfect choice for sunny, warm spaces. The lighter-color pavers don’t retain heat out in the sun around the pool. Where parquet and vinyl flooring might suffer and fade in a sun-drenched room, luxury concrete pavers will continue to shine. 

A more affordable and convenient option compared to quarried stone, concrete pavers are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you complete design freedom in your next project. 

Concrete Pavers For All Weather Types

Peacock Pavers has provided interior and exterior flooring solutions for high-end projects across the South for decades. We can help you make the best flooring decision for your environment. Contact us today.