Featured Project: Rouzan Clubhouse

Rouzan Clubhouse Exterior Door
Project: Rouzan Clubhouse
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Design: The Design Studio

Where did you discover Peacock Pavers and/or see them installed?
As a professional interior designer in the industry for 25+ years, I am constantly researching new and unique interior construction materials.  I came across Peacock Pavers probably about 12 years ago.  Our team was working on a high-end Multi-Family Development in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

We were looking for something durable, but aesthetically impressive.  I continued to enjoy the look of the different shapes and colors of Peacock Pavers’ offerings, and our team has used them on several different projects since then.  The Rouzan Clubhouse and Pool Campus has been our most recent application.

We were fortunate enough that one of the developers of the Rouzan Traditional Neighborhood Development was familiar with Peacock Pavers and specifically requested the product.  Our team was thrilled.  We collaborated with Reich Landscape Architect and Makaira in continuing the Peacock Pavers throughout the pool and outdoor amenity campus.

Did you order samples before making your selection?
Yes, our designers ordered samples before selecting.  I am a true believer of order the actual samples before selecting anything.  A computer image is simply not 100% accurate and in different light it projects a different look.  The client and residents of Rouzan are extremely pleased with the result.

What inspired you to use them for this project?
The vision of this Clubhouse was inspired by a well-known, local historical architect, A. Hayes Town.  With the A. Hays Town-inspired architecture in place, our Interior Design Team, put a fresh take on the traditional design.  In elevating the established design of Hayes Town, in conjunction with using raw construction materials similarly used in Town’s designs, our team agreed that Peacock Pavers were the perfect solution.

Any specific qualities that you appreciate?
We love the raw, matte material and “imperfect” nature of the pavers.  We also love the fresh colors; the different shapes and numerous sizes Peacock Pavers has available.

What was the reason for your color selection?
We designed and selected the color scheme around the Rice White Peacock Paver.  Our exterior and interior color and furniture selections were selected to coordinate with Rice White colored pavers.  It was the foundation of our design and color scheme.

The Design Studio Team

The Design Studio Team
Becky Walker  (center) | Owner-Principal Designer

  • “We love the raw, matte material and “imperfect” nature of the pavers.”