What Are Concrete Pavers?

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Concrete pavers allow you to bring “Old World” elegance to your landscaping, remodeling, or new construction project at a fraction of the cost of natural stone paving.

While concrete pavers are similar in function to flooring tiles and natural paving stones, they are generally more versatile, cost-effective, and low-maintenance. Plus, they are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, and they can be installed indoors and outdoors for both commercial and residential applications.

In this article, we walk you through everything you need to know about concrete pavers.

Concrete Pavers 101

Let’s start by going over the two main types of concrete pavers — interlocking pavers and architectural concrete pavers.

Interlocking concrete pavers are strong and thick (usually around 3 inches), which makes them a popular choice for surfaces that endure automobile traffic like driveways. In addition to their practical uses, the “cobblestone” appearance of paver driveways is classic and charming. At Peacock Pavers, we offer 3-inch-thick interlocking pavers that are sturdy enough for driveways while remaining visually appealing.

The other type of concrete pavers ar architectural concrete pavers. These pavers are thinner — from 5/8” to 1 1/2 inches compared to 3-inch-thick driveway pavers. Architectural pavers are fantastic for outdoor hardscapes, pool decks, interior flooring, and more.

At Peacock Pavers, our skilled artisans specialize in crafting both interlocking and architectural pavers that replicate the look of natural stone.

Concrete Pavers are Great for Both Exterior and Interior Spaces

One of the most common applications of concrete pavers is outdoor flooring and hardscapes — concrete patios, sidewalks, pool decks, garden pathways, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens.

Thicker exterior pavers (such as the interlocking concrete pavers mentioned earlier) may also be used as a pavement alternative for driveways and parking pads.

In addition to exterior spaces, concrete pavers are often installed and finished as high-end flooring in interior spaces. Interior pavers can be used as an elegant tile alternative for kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplace facings, but it’s not uncommon to also find them in living rooms, foyers, bedrooms, and other interior spaces.

Concrete Pavers BathroomConcrete Pavers are More Economical Than Natural Stone

While granite, flagstone, travertine, and other stone pavers look good and hold up well to the elements, they can be cost-prohibitive.

Handcrafted architectural pavers allow you to get the elegant, “Old World” look of natural stone without the hefty price tag and without sacrificing quality or luxury.

Concrete Pavers are Strong and Durable

Unlike other asphalt and concrete pavements, concrete pavers are not as susceptible to cracks caused by freeze/thaw cycles and encroaching tree roots.

At Peacock Pavers, all of our pavers are handcrafted using architectural grade concrete and are durable enough to last for many decades.

Concrete Paver Installation and Maintenance is Simple

Compared to poured concrete, stamped concrete, or asphalt, concrete pavers are vastly easier to install, maintain, and repair.

Concrete Paver Installation

Unlike natural stone, concrete pavers have flat bottoms and predictable sizing and shaping. These qualities make them a breeze to install in multiple patterns.

Concrete Paver Cleaning

Cleaning concrete pavers is simple. For exterior paver hardscaping, all that is required is occasional sweeping and weeding. A non-acidic cleaner can also be used to eliminate any mildew, rust, or oil-based stains that accumulate over time. To prevent stains from permeating in the first place, the pavers should be coated with a concrete sealant.

Concrete Pavers Allow for Endless Design Customizability

One of the greatest strengths of concrete pavers is how much control you can have over customization. Paver colors, shapes, and patterns can be mixed and matched to meet your needs. Peacock Pavers specializes in handcrafted concrete pavers with the look of natural stone — making each paver exquisitely unique.

Concrete Paver Colors

Paving Bricks

Concrete paver colors

Because concrete pavers are mixed and crafted by hand, there are endless possibilities for concrete paver colors. Custom hues can be created by adding pigments to the concrete mix, or you can choose from our standard color options. At Peacock Pavers, all of our standard paver colors are designed to mimic the look of natural stone — without the premium price point of natural stone.

At one end of the spectrum, we have lighter, cooler colors like Rice White and Dolphin Grey, and at the other end, we have darker, rich hues like Oyster and Slate. In between are warm neutrals like Buff and Champagne.

If none of these colors are quite what you’re looking for, we can work with you on creating a custom concrete paver color to suit your needs.

Concrete Paver Shapes and Sizes

Just as with concrete paver colors, there are many different options for concrete paver shapes. At Peacock Pavers, our collection of handcrafted concrete pavers include square pavers, rectangle pavers, hexagon pavers, chevron pavers, and picket pavers.

We offer pavers in many different sizes — including bold large format concrete pavers that are sure to make a statement.

We also offer a wide variety of trim pieces for finishing spaces, such as door thresholds, stair treads, wall caps, base molding, and brick coping.

Concrete Paver Patterns

Combining different paver shapes and colors into a thoughtful pattern is where the magic really happens. Concrete paver patterns are easily customized to suit your needs and space. Some of our most popular patterns include:

  • Random
  • Alternative random
  • Majestic random
  • Butt joint
  • Majestic butt joint
  • Mega Random
  • Herringbone
  • Herringbone with band
  • Running bond

Handcrafted Concrete Pavers by Peacock Pavers

To learn more about using handcrafted concrete pavers by Peacock Pavers in an upcoming project, request a quote, get a sample kit, or call us today at 800.264.2072.