Kitchen Flooring Inspiration With Concrete Pavers

A rustic kitchen featuring oyster concrete pavers

Which room is the heart of a home? Where does a family gather at the end of the day? Where do we spend a fair amount of our time together? We believe the heart of family life and the busiest room in a home is the kitchen. Kids rush in and out searching for food, and families catch up while preparing meals; the kitchen extends its warmth throughout the home. 

Historically, kitchens were hidden away from the rest of the house. Thankfully, this has changed, and the humble kitchen is now the epicenter of family life. In fact, highlighting the modern kitchen’s importance in the home is the latest trend to hit new design projects – back kitchens. Back kitchens are essentially secondary spaces used for storage, messy cooking, and doing the dishes. So, whether creating a kitchen for all uses or a separate front and back kitchen, choosing an aesthetic for this space is an essential step in the design process. 

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Floor

1. Durability

Choose flooring appropriate for your kitchen’s function as you would with any room design. A kitchen typically receives plenty of foot traffic, so selecting durable flooring makes sense in the long run. A durable material helps prevent cracks, stains, or other damage easily caused by kids, pets, and guests strolling through the kitchen. 

2. Easy to Clean

Clean floors are an equally important factor in a kitchen. This is a room that probably experiences more spills than any other. Think of those oil spatters, a spilled glass of red wine, or a drop of curry sauce staining your beautiful flooring. Selecting pavers that can be quickly and easily cleaned ensures a pristine kitchen at all times. 

3. Aesthetic But Affordable 

A kitchen can be a thing of beauty. No longer are the stylish finishes restricted to entertainment rooms; a kitchen is a key player in the overall aesthetic of a house. A kitchen design project usually features several expensive appliances and furnishings. Stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and cabinets will dent the design budget; this makes finding durable, easy-to-maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable flooring important. 

Concrete Pavers For Kitchen Designs

Peacock Paver’s elegant concrete pavers tick all the design project boxes. Handcrafted from architectural-grade concrete, they’re durable and easy to maintain and repair. A concrete paver kitchen floor can withstand it all, whether you have kids running in and out, pets with muddy paws, or an accidentally spilled glass or dropped dish. 

Peacock Paver’s products are made individually by hand. This artisanal approach gives every paver unique quirks and characteristics. Closely resembling natural quarried stone in look and feel, these pavers are unmatched in quality, beautiful, and friendly on the pocket. Plus, a range of colors and designs gives you the freedom to find the perfect fit for culinary heaven. 

Kitchen Paver Design Inspiration

Our pavers are as beautiful as natural stone but far more versatile. Choose from seven colors and several designs to suit your project. Unsure about your aesthetic? Take inspiration from Peacock Pavers in action. 

White and Modern

Modern white kitchen with Rice White concrete paversEmbrace a sleek, minimalist design that is endlessly stylish. Pair your countertops and cabinets with Rice White rectangular pavers for a clutter-free look.

Desert Chic

Dolphin Gray concrete pavers in an Arizona kitchen

Bring the rustic elements of nature indoors with a chic desert-inspired kitchen. Bold Slate pavers resemble ancient flagstones and pair well with heavy wooden pieces and artistic touches. 

Classic Country Kitchen

A classic kitchen with Buff colored concrete pavers

Classic designs always look elegant and never age. Transform your kitchen into a cozy yet beautiful space with Buff pavers discreetly complementing cabinet doors and finishing touches. 

Architecturally Rustic

A rustic kitchen featuring oyster concrete pavers

Exposed wood beams pair well with muted Oyster pavers, creating a serene kitchen space that marries art and functionality.  

Get More Inspiration From Peacock Pavers

Beautiful kitchen flooring should never be an afterthought. Chat with one of our team to learn more about our products and the wealth of design options available. We’d be happy to walk you through our patterns, trim, and styles to help you find the perfect fit for your project. Contact us today.