Top Interior Design Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Rice White Peak Tile Lounge

In 2020, we learned just how vital the setup of our homes is — not just for practical reasons but also for the impact our pre-pandemic interior design choices had on our mood. With everyone spending much more time at home and safely indoors, many rooms became dual-purpose (we all worked from the dinner table more often than we would like). We had to say goodbye to some of our interior design dreams as we started mixing and matching: the second bedroom morphed into a gym, while the foyer had to hold the bookshelf or wine rack to make space for something else. There was also only so much solace and respite that we could gain from our all-too-familiar and busy work-from-home setups.

With work options thankfully changing in 2022, design trends have as well. Post-pandemic, the in-house office remains a central aspect of our lives, but we are ready to get outdoors and connect with nature – especially now that it’s summer! This attitude has extended to our interior spaces and how we choose to style them.

Bringing the Outdoors In

It’s safe to say that we’ve gained a newfound appreciation for nature these past few years. Oh, how we longed for those moments outdoors, far away from the monotony and humdrum of home! That feeling remains, so we are dreaming up calm outdoor oases inside our houses to capture a more earthy aesthetic and vibe.

For many, that will mean blending interior and exterior elements. Elevated levels and open patios for outdoor furniture – where the entire family can work and play, or guests can be entertained – will flourish this year.

That said, comfort, warmth, and coziness are the name of the game in 2022, with colder, monochromatic, all-white looks and interiors taking a backseat to warmer shades of brown, cognac, and caramel. Muted grays, like mushroom or greige, with green or red undertones, nature-inspired greens, and blues paired with yellow and gold accents are all part of the forecasted color palette for the season.

Natural (but not neutral) and more tactile and textured layers are also gaining popularity.

  • Use textured fabrics with wood, concrete, decorative stone, metal, and leather elements to refresh a room that’s previously shown opulent, austere, or funky designs.
  • Buy some indoor plants, pop them into leather or stoneware plant holders or hangers, and place them around your home.
  • Incorporate marble, terracotta, or concrete with hues and textures of natural stone as backsplashes and other household surfaces.
  • Introduce a few wooden furniture pieces or décor items – but avoid the whitewashed or shabby chic look. We are going back to nature (remember), so lightly-stained vintage or contemporary pieces as close to the shades of brown you find outdoors are what you want to keep an eye out for.

When styling your indoor havens, keep in mind that angular and geometric-shaped furniture lines are on the way out and are being replaced by softer, “sculptural” and curvier shapes.


Creating Separate (But Spacious) Rooms

Open concept indoor spaces flourished for many years but just aren’t practical anymore. We have had to compartmentalize, especially in homes with kids in virtual school and parents spending all day in meetings. We still appreciate all things light and airy, but open-plan spaces have become less of a necessity.

Our newfound need for privacy does allow us to reimagine each room in a unique style. 2022 will undoubtedly feature distinctive and creative ways to section off spaces and transform unused corners, nooks, and crannies into mini sanctuaries. Free-standing folding screens, bookshelves, elevated floor levels, or strategically placed couches or armchairs are great options for partitioning spaces.

Adding a Touch of Curiosity

Post-pandemic clutter aside, eclectic touches that add a dash of personality to your home are also welcome in 2022. “Show off your favorite things” is where the aesthetic is headed. Better known as “maximalism,” we are now invited to be intentional curators of our spaces with unique and treasured pieces that hold value and appeal on a more personal level.

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